The following works have been published or in progress as part of the MECORE project and the preceding NWO-funded project “Searching for semantic universals in the modal and attitudinal domains”.

Articles and manuscripts

  • Roelofsen, Floris & Wataru Uegaki. 2020. Searching for a universal constraint on the possible denotations of clause-embedding predicates. Proceedings of SALT 30. pp. 542–561.

Journal special issue

  • Glossa Special collection “Meaning-driven selectional restrictions in the domain of clause embedding” editorial process in progress.


  • Deniz Ozyildiz, Ciyang Qing, Floris Roelofsen, Maribel Romero, and Wataru Uegaki. in progress. Questionnaire on clause-embedding predicates.

Masters theses

  • Huang, Yunchong. 2020. What does 怀疑 (huaiyi) mean?: An investigation into the semantics of the dubitative verb in Mandarin Chinese. MSc thesis, University of Edinburgh.